Welcome to the Next Level Leader Course

Welcome, Next Level Leader!

Hi, Scott Eblin here. Welcome to Next Level Leader and congratulations on your commitment to increasing your influence and impact as a leader. In this course, you'll learn how to use the same self-coaching approach that I’ve used with thousands of successful leaders to help them increase their influence and impact. Let's get started!

Pro Tip- look for text below the videos for important information.

Now's a great time to download the Course Workbook. Just scroll down to the Downloads section at the bottom of this Welcome to the Course module to get your copy. Once you’re done there, scroll back here to get ready for the Overview of the Next Level Leader Course. You can scroll all you like by using the course outline at the left side of the screen.

NOTE: We no longer conduct the monthly Office Hours as mentioned in this course but regularly address questions submitted through the online community Leaders HQ. You can learn more about that in the Join the Community lesson.

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